When it comes to discussing alternatives and ways to reduce the impact of climate change, environmental pollution, and global warming, e-waste management often takes a backseat. While most people are aware of recycling, reusing, and reducing household waste, the concept of recycling digital or electronic waste is still pretty new for many. The reverse logistics system Faridabad has been flourishing due to the combined measures of government’s e-waste management policies, as well as the growing understanding of e-waste impact among the general population. Discarding any used or dysfunctional electronic item improperly adds to the e-waste pool, which is why we must dispose of these items with the help of trusted and experienced environmental logistics companies.

1. Reduces power consumption for miningΒ 

It is a brainer that the manufacturing of electronic products, such as laptops, televisions, mobile phones, etc., requires a lot of rare earth metals. Metals like Iron, Cadmium, Silver, nickel, and Aluminium are used in heavy amounts by companies to manufacture electronic products that we use every day. The chips that go inside your pen drive to store hundreds of thousands of files, the transmitter used in your phones and laptops, and the jack of your favorite pair of headphones would be non-existent if there was a shortage or limited unavailability of such earth metals. Since the majority of these earth metals required for manufacturing electronic items come from mining, recycling, and reusing e-waste can also help reduce the power and energy consumption for mining activities. Therefore, recycling electronic or digital waste not only helps in recovering rare earth metals from used electronic products but also reduces the need for energy production for the mining of the same metals.

2. Electronic waste can lead to harmful human diseases

Unlike the typical waste management system, which encouraged people to separate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste before recycling for centuries, the concept of electronic or digital waste management is still alien to the majority of the human population. Due to the combined efforts of the pollution control police, non-government organizations, and climate change activists, central and state governments have been taking strict measures to recycle the e-waste generated by large multinational corporations and government agencies, as well as reduce our dependency on mining more metals from the earth’s surface to meet the growing demand of electric products. If not recycled correctly, most of the electronic or digital waste generated by MNCs and government organizations ends up in landfills or gets burned, which leads to soil and air pollution. If these e-wastes remain dumped deep inside the soil for a long time, it is normal for metals like mercury, cadmium, and lead to leak into the surrounding space and cause soil and water pollution. The quality of soil and water are two of the most important components for growing food, which deteriorates with the presence of metals like lead, mercury, and cadmium in the soil and water. Not only that, but the presence of these metals in the soil can also cause metal poisoning in plants, which leads to the premature falling of the leaves and the death of the plant.

3. Increases employability

The recycling of digital waste requires proper tools and machinery, as well as human force, which helps in creating more employment opportunities. Over the years, India has witnessed a rapid increase in the number of IT companies, multinational corporations, and government agencies showing interest in digital waste management, which has been made possible by digital waste management companies like the GreenTak Reman. We are one of the leading digital waste management companies and reverse supply chain management Faridabad service providers with a group of professional and well-trained staff to manage environmental logistics in the major parts of the city. Digital waste management companies not only help in reducing the harmful impact of heavy metals like mercury, lead, and cadmium in humans but also help in the conservation of natural resources by reducing the need for mining more metals. Furthermore, the metals recovered from used electronic and digital devices are a lot cheaper than the ones obtained by mining, which also increases the affordability of electronic appliances.

4. Prevents the premature death of water species

Electronic waste is as harmful to the aquatic species, as it is to the human population, which is why it must be dispose of and recycle correctly. Since the majority of digital waste ends up in landfills, heavy metals like mercury and lead seep deep into the soil and pollute the underground water resources. A lot of the time, these wastes are also dumpe into the seawater or oceans, which then pollute the sea water and cause premature death of aquatic species. The presence of heavy metals like lead, mercury, and cadmium in the water bodies causes metal poisoning in deep sea plant and animal bodies. Since a major chunk of the human population is dependent on fisheries for their food, these metals also find their way into the human body through fish and crustaceans. There have been several researches done on mercury being one of the most harmful metals for human consumption, as it acts as a powerful neurotoxin and destroys the most important unit of the human nervous system, the neurons. Recycling digital waste properly helps maintain the proper nutrient balance of the water bodies, which also lead to the conservation of aquatic ecosystem.

This ends our list of the top four reasons to recycle electronic or digital waste properly. With discussions around climate change and environmental pollution getting more prevalent, it is high time that we understand the importance of managing and disposing of digital waste correctly and its environmental impact. If you are looking for a digital waste management greater Noida service provider, GreenTak Reman is the way to go. We help our companies dispose of their digital waste correctly, all while keeping their data safe. As a certified e-waste management company, we are a trusted name in the digital waste management industry and have dealt with a variety of customers across the country.

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