The Inflow application provides an ADHD management tool that gives numerous hours of educational sessions by using scientific-based therapy to help users understand their ADHD. The app is not dependent on subscription it isn’t costly to read the blog but it’s an excellent blog anybody can read!

The authors of Inflow blog are Inflow blog are typically ADHD freelancers who share their personal experiences due to ADHD and working from home, while being afflicted by ADHD and depression and the ten stages that define the diagnosis, and more. Some of the other authors of The Inflow blog have expertise in the field of mental health or have parents who have neurodiversity children.

In addition, the editor-in chief has a strong science background. You can be assured of the fact that all information you get is authenticated.

The most well-known ADHD sites for females

A.D.D. Consults — Terry Matlen

The creator of A.D.D. Consulting, Terry Matlen, is a psychotherapist consultant, author and certified ADHD coach, focusing on adult females with ADHD. Terry has written two novels: The Queen of Distraction and Survival Tips for Women with ADHD. Terry also established several ADHD groups.

In addition, they have an extensive blog filled with useful tips, A.D.D. Consults offers a section on its website that lists resource resources for Women who suffer from ADHD. It’s a great list of links with value that cover everything from time management and organizational tools to clothing that is ADHD-friendly.

The most popular ADHD websites for people of all ages as well as those who are diagnosed as adults

ADHD Roller Coaster — Gina Pera

Gina Pera, founder of ADHD Rollercoaster is a tireless advocate for high-quality, adult ADHD treatment and support. She is committed to debunking ADHD misconceptions, Buy Adderall and simplifying complex terms in order to provide easy and accurate information about adult ADHD.

You may have come across Gina earlier, as Gina is among the co-authors of a book that is loved by a lot of ADHD sufferers: You, Me, or Adult A.D.D. The book describes the consequences of late diagnosis as well as strategies for treating it based on the evidence.

Marla Cummins

Marla Cummins is an accredited degree two ADHD trainer. She has a passion for helping people suffering from ADHD to reduce the effects on their lives. ADHD to their everyday lives, and benefiting from the numerous advantages of having ADHD. It can help you achieve getting anything done that you set in your head.

Her majority writing emphasizes the importance of executing on goals and tasks and also acquiring capabilities to help you succeed in this.

Best ADHD Blogs for Relationships

ADHD & Marriage

The company was established at the beginning of 2004 by Melissa Orlov, a marriage consultant who is a top expert on the interaction of ADHD as well as relationships. ADHD and Marriage provides an understanding of the ways in which ADHD affects relationships and offers suggestions for improving the quality of relationships and general satisfaction.

In addition, she offers her tips and tricks on her website. Melissa is also a guest writer in Psychology Today and several other publications. ADHD & Marriage also features pieces written by experts.

The most well-known ADHD blogs for teenagers and students.

The ADHD Homestead — Jaclyn Paul

The ADHD Homestead is a reliable source for advice, information and compassion for ADHD since the year 2014. The founder of the Homestead, Jaclyn Paul, is also featured on ADDResoures. ADHD Roller Coaster, A Dose of Healthy Distraction, and a host of other.

Since her blog has been around for some time, Jaclyn covers several staple ADHD problems that aid students in acquiring crucial skills that will help them in their education and in later life like the importance of completing tasks on time and staying on track when you’re stalled in a particular job.

The most effective ADHD blog sites for parents.

The Mothering of The Storm Momming The Storm Lacy Estelle (for the parents with ADHD)

Both Lacy Estelle as well as her oldest and middle sons were given an unexpected diagnosis of ADHD. This spurred her to become as informed as possible about the condition and how it could impact her life–parenting-related or otherwise.

Armed with this knowledge and her experience She realized that she could help other moms to find their ways. Thus, she created Mothering the Storm as a “refuge for the ADHD momma.” With helpful advice such as 10 essential items and routines that her family uses to battle ADHD manifestations, to practical parenting advice for increasing self-esteem of the ADHD child, Lacy makes sure no ADHD mom will ever be overwhelmed again.

Supporting parents (for Parents of Children suffering from ADHD)

Since its founding, Empowering Parents has dedicated its efforts to helping parents and caregivers in doing the most effective job they can by providing advice based on Cognitive Behavioral Theory. Empowering Parents is proud of the only authentic real, authentic, and powerful parenting tools that aid in changing your child’s behavior, with tangible results.

A whole section is specifically devoted specifically to ADHD with a focus on subjects like “how to assist your child in transitioning into adulthood” and ‘brain exercises to help train your child’, and easy strategies to increase focus and concentration. This is a must-read for anyone who is the caregiver for the ADHD child.

The best ADHD blogs for people who are fascinated by science.

ADDA Blog/Library

It was created more than 30 years ago to help people suffering from ADHD lead their lives maximum. They are the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) is the most well-known adult ADHD organisation. They focus their efforts on those phases of the life which have greatest influence on those with ADHD such as that transition of secondary school to post-secondary, and the transition from school to work.

ADDA often takes a more scientific/fact-based approach to their content rather than a first-hand anecdotal style, so it will likely resonate with any ADHDers who like to understand the “how” and “why” behind concepts.

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