What is Concerta?

Concerta is a well-known medication that has been around for a long time to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 1 is a well-known disorder that is most well-known for its impact on children. People with ADHD Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder cannot pay attention and control their impulses. It can manifest through excessive behaviour or difficulty taking notes and adhering to instructions. According to the most current Centers for Disease Control figures, around 6.1 million kids have been identified as having ADHD. The number of kids diagnosed with ADHD has increased significantly in the past, increasing from 4.4 million at the time of 2003 and 6.4 million by the year 2011.

Although it might sound contradictory, Ritalin is a stimulant that is a type of drug that may increase the production of specific brain chemical substances.

Its main ingredient is methylphenidate. This functions as a central nerve system stimulant. In this way, taking Concerta is associated with greater focus, the ability to follow directions, pay attention to particulars, and accomplish tasks.

Ritalin is usually taken orally, typically as an oral pill.

The amount and frequency at which medication is taken will differ between individuals according to their metabolism, size, and the degree of the symptoms. The drug is typically taken three times per day. In the past few years, ADHD diagnoses have grown, as have prescriptions for Concerta. From 1991 to 2000, Ritalin prescriptions increased a staggering 700 percent. As of 2019, we believe there were more than 2.1 million Buying ritalin online prescriptions available. But, this growth in drugs is not without risks and cautions. Concerta is known to cause significant adverse side effects.

This includes:

Physical symptoms include stomach discomfort, weight loss, nausea and vomiting, vision issues, headaches, sweating, a higher heart rate or numbness.

The symptoms of emotional stress, for example, increased anxiety, stress, sleep issues, and disturbance.

In extreme instances, Ritalin use has been linked to suicidal thoughts or psychosis. Thankfully, such issues are sporadic. In the early 2000s, the drug was under increased scrutiny, with many professionals concerned that doctors were overprescribing the drug and distributing it to children who didn’t require the medication. In addition, the adverse effects of Ritalin and the possibility of abuse became more apparent.

What exactly do you know if Concerta is misused?

The increase in the number of Ritalin prescriptions has also led to more users abusing or using the drug in a way that is not intended. Ritalin can be misused in a variety of ways. People will seek to purchase Ritalin through the black market, meaning they buy the drug online, from a friend, or even a dealer. They then take the medicine even though a physician has not recommended them. The abuse can come in many forms, such as:

  • Sucking the pill
  • Then, crushing it and snorting the ground substance to get an additional boost
  • Mixing the mixture with water and finally injecting the mix

It is crucial to remember that Concerta is a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Substance Act. It means the drug is only available to those for whom it has been prescribed, and using it if you’re not a subscriber to it may constitute an offence. Drugs in the Schedule II category have a “high potential for abuse,” meaning they could harm those who use the medicine in a way not approved by a doctor.

What are the consequences of Concerta misuse?

Ritalin abuse can occur for a variety of reasons. As demonstrated by numerous research studies, Concerta creates an experience similar to getting high from cocaine, A rush of energy and a sense of intoxication. Additionally, it can trigger a euphoric feeling as dopamine levels rise. The sensations can be particularly intense when the drug is swallowed or injected. People are then experiencing Ritalin’s euphoric effects much faster than had they taken the substance.

However, the misdirection of Ritalin isn’t always to induce euphoria or a high. Because Ritalin can increase concentration and attention, certain people will use the drug in ways not endorsed by a doctor to remain up late, prepare to pass a test or complete a project. This is very common in high school and college students. A study of 200 participants discovered that as high as 4 per cent of high school students have taken Concerta during the last month, which has only increased. A study in 2012 revealed that 1 in 8 teens had taken a dose of stimulant like Ritalin in their lives, and 9% had used it within the past month.

The statistics are more severe for college students. A 2014 study revealed that 20 per cent of college students had abused stimulants like Concerta. It was even more shocking that one in seven adults aged 18-25 reported the same thing.

One of the main reasons for using stimulants was that students wanted to be active or be more productive at school or work. This isn’t the only motive for Ritalin misuse or abuse. For instance, Concerta reduces appetite in healthy adults. As it does, many people, including famous people such as Lily Allen – use stimulants to shed weight, ultimately becoming addicted to stimulants. There are numerous instances of people using Ritalin to achieve these goals.

The misuse and misdirection of Concerta can have several terrifying consequences for people. Ritalin usage can be risky and, as mentioned above, can cause many emotional, physical, cognitive and mental symptoms. The exact statistics regarding Ritalin deaths due to overdose are not yet available. However, the CDC has stated that deaths from using stimulants like Concerta and Concerta have been increasing recently. Additionally, Buy ritalin online has been tied to the ends of healthy people due to its ability to cause heart issues. The recent news coverage has highlighted the risks and issues.

What are the symptoms of Concerta misuse or overdose?

Unfortunately, we live in an outdated view of addiction to drugs. Many people believe the abuser is easily identifiable – they’ll have noticeable physical ailments or evident signs that they’re using substances. However, the truth is that the use of drugs is often unnoticed. The addicts to drugs are adept at hiding their behaviour and seeking out their next high in the most discreet manner possible. This is why you need to be aware of the signs of addiction and be mindful of any potential issues. Fortunately, those who are taking Ritalin or who are addicted to it usually have some apparent behaviours and indicators. They include:

  • Physical symptoms, like the feeling of euphoria, hyperactivity, rapid changes in sleep patterns, stomach upsets and irritability, as well as weight loss. Many of these signs are worse when a person returns from the Concerta high.
  • The symptoms of emotion include increasing agitation, paranoia and anger. These problems can become more severe if a person withdraws from Concerta use or comes down from the aftermath of a Concerta crash.
  • Social indicators include sudden changes in friend groups or social events. This is usually the case when someone develops an addiction or abuse of the substance. Friends who do not use the essence disappear, only to be replaced by new friends who enjoy it. Additionally, people might become more secretive about their actions as they try to hide their drug use.
  • Performance or cognitive indicators like a dramatic increase in productivity.

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