The Y2mate It is an online fully-fledged and dedicated application to download and convert audio or video file that originate from YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Youku, Vimeo, as well as other HD-quality sources. Many file formats can be supported, including M4V MP4 MO, FLV, MP3 WebM, WMV and more just to name some. The best part is that it allows you to open the possibility of unlimited and free downloads from sites that are supported using one of the most efficient methods.

Alongside the speedy convert video, the top-quality software runs straight out of the box with any browser on the internet without the need for any additional software or add-ons. This is not all. You are able to work on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS and experience the ultimate in convenience combined with the reliability.

Y2mate is a no-cost download manager

Y2mate is a great download manager for downloading. Β You can rapidly and effectively download files thanks to it. It’s simple and easy to use. One of its disadvantages is that it doesn’t allow the downloading of media files.However, it also allows for the download of non-media files and other file formats.Β  But, some users might be unable to download these files. This article should give some useful advice. In the end, a reliable download manager is completely free.

To download the most current version of Y2mate Download Manager it is necessary to get the installer files (APK). APK is the preferred format used by Android applications. The Y2mate download manager app is available for download through ChipApk for absolutely free. The apk download is 100% secure and virus-free. This means that you can download it without worry on any smartphone.


  • Free tool to download Youtube videos.
  • YouTube to Mp4 converter
  • Yt to mp3
  • Free to use
  • No installation required
  • There is no sign-up
  • Online Video Downloader


  • It displays ads in the background while downloading videos.
  • Slow download speed.
  • Can’t provide full HD videos.
  • Ads could install malware or mining software onto your PC.
  • Your computer could be damaged by viruses.
  • Pop-up advertisements can be extremely irritating.

Alternative YouTube Download Options


There are many alternatives for downloading YouTube videos, besides Y2mate. One of the options is OnlineVideoConverter. OnlineVideoConverter is a user-friendly video downloader. You only need to have the YouTube video URL and you’re ready to go. The only drawback is its slow performance for downloading and uploading files.

Other options are:

  • SaveFrom.net
  • Clip converter
  • Bitdownloader

All of the alternatives listed above YouTube video downloading software are trustworthy and efficient. However, they might contain cookies as well as malware and adware so they are not 100% secure to use. So, be aware when using them, and make sure to opt to decline cookies in order to be sure of your security.

Is Using Y2mate Legal?

Although it sounds like disguised, it’s an established truth that the thing that violates the law isn’t an actual tool or the improper use of a user employing the program. For instance, in the United States, “is using Y2mate legal” is similar to “if it’s legal to download YouTube videos”. In the event that you’re using the software to save YouTube videos for personal use, it’s okay.

It is important to note that the basis the legality of YouTube video downloads rests may differ in different countries. I recommend that you check local copyright laws prior to any download action when you’re not in within the United States.

What are the best ways to stop this Y2mate virus?

If at all possible, avoid downloading videos with Y2mate.However, if you have to utilize the service, here are a few precautions you could use:
1. Utilize a professional ad blocking. AdBlock One is the most efficient ad blocker available to use with Chrome or Safari.
2. Beware of ads using Y2mate.
3. When you access the Y2mate website when the new tab opens look up the URL then close it if not directly linked to Y2mate.
4. Be sure to check the names of Y2mate’s files prior to downloading. There are numerous download links that will appear trying to trick you into installing PUPs or viruses instead of the downloading of your film. Before saving, be sure the filename for the download is the same as the title of the video you want to download.
5. Don’t let Y2mate notify you of new messages.


It’s clear that Y2mate isn’t an appropriate choice for downloading YouTube videos. YouTube. While Y2mate is simple to use quick, reliable, and secure but it also has numerous advertisements and alerts from dubious sources that could pose security risk.


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