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The Korean entertainment industry has witnessed unprecedented growth over the past few years, and social media has played a significant role in fueling the success of K-pop and K-dramas over the internet. Not just that, the Korean government also endorses the phenomenon. It also helped the industry reach out to overseas audiences and earn high revenues in the global marketplace.Β 

However, in today’s time when there are more media entertainment options out there, it becomes a challenge for the Korean music and drama industry to sustain its place in international markets. Localization is a great way to resonate with a global audience by making your content more appealing for them on OTT platforms.Β 

Understanding the Global Phenomenon of the Korean Entertainment Industry

There have been many globally hit Korean music bands and dramas. BTS is a great example of a South Korean boy band that turned out to be a global sensation. Similarly, their drama “Crash Landing on You” has also gained immense popularity among global audiences.Β 

Media also tells you a lot about the culture and values of a country, and it can be a major driver to getting more tourism to the region. This is exactly what happens when people closely absorb the exotic foods, fashion, and culture of Koreans through their dramas, music, movies, and other entertainment resources.Β 

Role of TMS Tools in Korean Entertainment Localization

The latest technology has played a major role in making the localization and translation of media content much easier and hassle-free. Here we’ll analyze how using a professional web-based translation management system can help the Korean entertainment industry grow seamlessly.Β 

Music Lyrics Translation

Even though Korean music is a hit among all natives and non-natives, still giving your foreign audience some context always adds to their overall music experience. It does not mean that you need to dub the whole music into local languages. You can provide subtitles and captions along, so foreign audiences can better resonate with your content. With the help of professional TMS tools, media companies can seamlessly create subtitles, captions, and dubbing for their music videos.Β 

Preserving Cultural Significance in Lyrics

The idea of localization is to adapt your media content to the local culture and preferences. It is also important that your localized content goes smoothly with the original one and there has to be no distortion in the content experience. The company behind BTS, Big Hit Entertainment, also uses TMS platforms to manage subtitles for their videos. It may give you some idea about the significance of TMS platforms.Β 

Adapting Visual Elements in Music Videos and Album Art

Apart from linguistic aspects of your content, Korean entertainment companies also focus on redesigning their music album covers and videos. Of course, the aim is not to eliminate Korean culture entirely. You need to make an effort to keep the designs more resonating with an international audience. The design localization management tools can provide you options to modify the design for different cultures from one platform. This tool may also give you integration options. You can easily import your other designing and editing tools features to the localization platform.

Subtitling K-dramas

While providing dubbing or subtitles for K dramas, you have to be very mindful of the emotional depth of every scene. Subtitles and dubbing should be well translated to capture all the cultural and social cues. It allows the foreign audiences to also comprehend the intensity or lightness of a dialog. The OOT platform like Netflix also uses the best localization management systems to localize the dramas for a diverse audience. It allows them to effectively manage their translation and localization processes for different markets seamlessly.Β 

Personalized Content Delivery

In the entertainment industry, personalization of media content plays a pivotal role. Technological tools like the TMS platform and localization management systems also contribute to the seamless management and execution of large-scale localization strategies for Korean entertainment companies. Tools like MarsHub come with amazing features that help streamline localization operations. It makes it much easier for entertainment businesses to reach global audiences. These tools use AI-powered algorithms that allow localization companies to personalize all types of media content to target market preferences.Β 


We have seen the remarkable success of K-pop and K-dramas with the emergence of social media reels and shorts. Even non-natives keep chanting Korean songs all day long and put them on their social media stories. This is how much significance localization can have in making a story, music video or season go viral breaking all international records. Localization is also a great way to bridge all cultural and linguistic gaps between two diverse countries. Localization has allowed Korean music and dramas to go global, resulting in the Korean entertainment industry making more revenue

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