family tour guide to Manali Shimla

Embarking on a tour from Bangalore to hill stations of Manali and Shimla is an adventure. Here’s a family tour guide to Manali Shimla which will help you in exploring these regions. They are firstly filled with stunning vistas, charming experiences, and life time joys.

You can meanwhile explore from the scenic landscapes to the vibrant local culture here. In short, they further offer a perfect blend of peace and adventure for the whole family. You can get a Shimlamanalipackage Bangalore to Shimla Manali deals can be chosen from it. Let’s dive into a tour that covers top attractions and activities in Manali and Shimla.

Travel Essentials

Before you set off on your journey, make sure you have got the essentials covered. This family tour guide to Manali Shimla will also help you in this regard. Here are some tips to help you in planning the journey.

1: Tour schedule Planning

Plan your schedule in advance, as per the travel time between places. Further, also decide the duration of your stay in each place.

2: Transportation

Depending on your choices, you can choose to fly to Chandigarh. After that, drive to Manali and Shimla, or opt for a mix of flights and trains.

3: Stays

Book family friendly stay or hotel in advance. Both Manali and Shimla offer a range of options from lavish resorts to cozy cottages.

4: Climate and Clothing

Pack as per the weather. Manali can get cold even during summers, so carry warm clothing. Shimla’s climate is more temperate, but it is still a good idea to have layers.

Manali, Adventure and Tranquility

1: Rohtang Pass

Kick off your Manali tour with a visit to Rohtang Pass. This high altitude pass offers stunning views, snow activities (if you visit during the right season). It will be an experience that your family will further cherish forever.

2: Solang Valley

An adventure seekers’s heaven, Solang Valley. The Solang Valley offers a range of thrilling sports for example paragliding, zorbing, and ropeway rides. It’s a great place for both kids and adults to have an adrenaline rush.

3: Hadimba Temple

Immerse yourself in Manali’s rich culture by going to the Hadimba Temple. The temple’s unique structure and serene ambiance further make it a must visit place.

4: Old Manali

Take a stroll through the charming streets of Old Manali. Meanwhile, explore local markets, try Himachali cuisine, and shop for souvenirs to take back home.

Shimla, Colonial Charm and Natural Beauty

1: The Ridge

Begin your Shimla journey at The Ridge. However, it’s a spacious open space in the heart of the city. It offers stunning views of the mountains and is a hub for cultural events and shopping.

2: Mall Road

Moreover, Shimla’s bustling Mall Road is a heaven for shoppers and foodies. Indulge in local handicrafts, sip on hot beverages, and relish delicious treats.

3: Jakhoo Temple

After that, Trek to Jakhoo Temple, dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Enjoy the scenic views along the way and meet the mischievous local residents – monkeys.

4: Kufri

Further, at a short drive from Shimla, Kufri is a winter sports heaven. It transforms into a hiking and horse riding paradise during the warmer months.

5: Toy Train Ride

Above all, take a ride on the UNESCO listed Kalka Shimla Toy Train. This historic journey offers stunning views of the landscape and is a delight for all ages.

Activities for the Whole Family

1: River Rafting

If you want some adventure, meanwhile enjoy river rafting in Manali’s Beas River. It can be done in the Sutlej River near Shimla.

2: Nature Walks

Both Manali and Shimla offer numerous trails perfect for leisurely nature walks. These trails further provide a chance to soak in the natural beauty.

3: Taking Photos

Further, these hill stations are a photographer’s dream. Capture the charming landscapes, colonial buildings, and vibrant local life.

4: Bonfires and Stargazing

Many stays offer bonfire nights, perfect for bonding with your family. Shimla’s clean air also makes it a great spot for stargazing.


A family tour from Bangalore to Manali and Shimla promises an unforgettable journey. This is a journey filled with diverse experiences that cater to each member of the family. It meanwhile covers from the adventures to serene landscapes, from vibrant local markets to colonial charm.

In short, Shimla and Manali offer a perfect blend of thrill and peace. Sip hot tea by the fireplace, explore local markets, or embark on thrilling sports. The joys you create in Manali and Shimla will be cherished for years to come.

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