Dettol Liquid 5 Litre

It has been nearly three years since the COVID-19 infection took India by storm. We have been on a roller coaster ride ever since, with waves of infections followed by periods of relief and hope. Our attention and priorities have firmly moved to health and well-being through this global turmoil. Hygienic practices like regular hand washing, sanitising and disinfecting the environment, wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing have all become part of our routine.

With the spread of infection largely under control, it is time to return to a β€œnew normal” routine. Even though it seems that we are now returning to work, school, travel, and socialising as usual, there is a considerably increased emphasis on maintaining germ-free environments to prevent further damage to our health.

Before they return to work at offices and give up the comfort and confidence of their homes, employees want to know that the offices are routinely cleaned and disinfected with high-quality products they can trust.

The Power of Dettol

The one brand that you can trust with this all-important responsibility is Dettol. The iconic Dettol antiseptic liquid has been the staple product in all homes, schools, offices, and hotels for decades. From cleaning up wounds and cuts to mopping the floor, from freshening up the linen in the laundry to being the perfect aftershave, Dettol has been the product we have depended on for all our hygiene needs.

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Dettol liquid is the Number One antiseptic in the country, trusted by millions of householders and office administrators annually. For over 90 years, the brand and this iconic product, in particular, have kept us safe from germs and infections. So it is to Dettol that we turn when we need a clean and safe work environment.

Why Your Workplace Needs Dettol Liquid?

Most offices have begun recalling employees working from home or remotely for a very long time. Travel and public transportation are now available as they were in pre-pandemic days. Employees must know they have a safe and secure environment when they return. More importantly, a disease-free environment is good for productivity and employee morale. Dettol liquid kills 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses and protects us from about 100 disease-causing pathogens.

How to Use Dettol At Your Workplace?

Dettol is a versatile product that can be used in several ways to maintain personal hygiene and disinfection. Here’s how to use the product to keep your employees and customers safe and disease-free.

  • Adding Dettol to the water used to mop the floor is a good use of this product. The office, warehouse, or showroom floors attract the most germs due to high footfall. Dettol solution is perfect for completely sanitising the floors and keeping them germ-free.
  • You can use Dilute Dettol solution to disinfect and sanitise surfaces like door handles, bannisters, doorbells, countertops, tiles, and slabs. It is safe to use on all hard, non-porous surfaces.
  • You can also add Dettol to the rinse cycle in hotels and large-scale washing units to disinfect towels, linen, and clothes.
  • Dettol can also be used to disinfect cuts and wounds and to sanitise medical instruments in hospitals and clinics.

The Indian Medical Association recommends the use of Dettol Liquid. In India, Dettol is a name that is associated with complete germ-free protection. Dettol users are inspired by the confidence and trust instilled by the product, fully aware of disinfected offices, workplaces, or hotels.

Inventory Management Help

Pick Dettol liquid or any other Reckitt Benckiser product, such as Lizol floor and surface disinfectant cleaner, Harpic toilet cleaner, Dettol handwash or the Dettol hand sanitiser, and ensure you stock it well in time. Planning your inventory and maintaining a steady supply of Dettol may be challenging.Β 

In addition, the additional need for cleaning and sanitation supplies also burdens the budget of most business organisations. The Dettol Pro Services website offers you a helpful inventory tool. Office administrators can use this to calculate the inventory needs and order them in bulk.

Dettol Pro Services

The greatest advantage of using the Dettol Pro Services site for your business is that it helps you plan accurately and create a basket of all the monthly products you need. You can order this basket ahead up to 12 months in advance. When you place an order, you can avail of discounts up to 40% on Dettol Liquid 5 litre price and other products. The site also offers additional discounts when you order ahead. In addition, Dettol Pro Services offers free shipping in select cities.


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